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Autumn Haul top 10 

I know autumn has only just begun but the weather seems to have taken a drastic turn lately, and so I’ve had to pack away all of my shorts and vest tops, and invest in some new autumn essentials. This is just a short compiled list of some of my favourite recent autumnal purchases. (I have tried to add a link to the item title where possible)

  1. The Mulberry & Fig delight Yankee candle
    My summer fragrances have finally been used up, and so it was time to purchase some new scents. What better way to go than with the classic smell of autumn leaves and cosy days by the fire.img_0958.jpg
  2. New dungaree dresses
    Now this is 100% an essential part of my wardrobe. As many of you who know me will know, I love my dungaree dresses, both with jumpers and tights and with short sleeved t-shirt on the warmer days (as rare as they are). So I just had to buy some new ones for the upcoming cold weather. I purchased two from Primark, a black one, at an absolute bargain of £5 and a denim blue one only £13!
  3. Zara High Waist Mom Fit Jeans in blue
    I have been looking for some that actually fit me and don’t make me look like a blob for absolutely ages, as I really struggle to find jeans that fit around my waist and my bum! I finally came across these in Zara, and they fit like a dream. They cost just £25.99 and are a good thick material. I couldn’t find the link to the blue, but I have included a link to the same jeans in black.
  4. Starbucks cup (for the pumpkin latte)
    This is kind of a 2 part favourite. The first being the plastic cup that I picked up for £1 from Starbucks, as I grab a coffee almost every morning before starting work. This is light weight and also a cheap environmental friendly alternative to the paper cups they give out. Also every time you use it you get 25p off your drink. I do have a proper flask, also from Starbucks, but since I actually want the Starbucks coffee, this is a much better alternative.
    The second part to this is the Pumpkin spiced latte. I look forward to the release of this all year, and the only coffee that even compares is the Ginger Bread latte. So far I have had approximately 4 of these in the space of a week. They are just so good! If you haven’t tried it I highly suggest you do as they are worth all the hype they receive.
  5. Fur Lined Pink Corduroy Jacket
    I had been looking for a warmer jacket for a while, and this seems to be perfect! The fur lining keeps me nice and warm, whilst still being lighter than a coat, and easier to dress. I chose the pink to keep some colour in my wardrobe as I seem to be buying a lot of black clothing at the minute (which usually isn’t a bit of me). I picked this little delight up from Primark for only £20, and so far its been worth every penny!

    Excuse the messy room, I was getting ready for a night out
  6. The Passenger by Lisa Lutz         There is nothing I love more than a good gripping thriller book. I am only just starting to read this, but I’m already hooked! Its about a woman with a false identity who is on the run after she becomes the suspect to her husbands death. You can pick this book up quite cheap on Amazon. I will let you know how I get on with the rest of the book!
  7. Faux Leather Pocket T-shirt
    I fell in love with this top the moment I saw it. It is such a basic black t-shirt, but lovely at the same time! I love the little leather pocket detail with embodied multicoloured flowers. It goes really nicely with so many outfits too, such as my new jeans, my denim skirt and my corduroy skirt! It can also be dressed up, with a nice skirt and heels! I picked it up in Zara last week for only £12.99.
  8. Primark jumpers
    This wouldn’t be an autumn haul without some jumpers. I picked two jumpers up last week, also from Primark (shock there). One is a plain black, faux cashmere feel thin jumper. I wore this recently tucked into my Mom jeans with a black chunky belt and it was just so comfy! I also got a tight fitting grey jumper, which works nicely under my dungaree dresses. Both were extremely cheap costing £6 for the black, and £5 for the grey one.
  9.  Clinique Beyond Perfecting foundation
    I’ve been wearing this foundation for a while now, but it is still one of my all time favourites! It works as a foundation and concealer, which gives you the perfecting look, but unlike a lot of foundations, it is really light weight and moisturising. Once applied the foundation oxidises which helps to blend to your natural skin pigments. It’s also one of my favourites as it lasts all day, and since it gives you the natural look, you don’t get that cakey feeling if you wear it for work all day as I do. You can buy it online from Clinique, or at various shops such as Boots and Selfridges!
  10. Kasabian tickets
    Okay so this one is a little bit of a cheat but I wanted to include it as it is one of my favourite purchases so far this autumn! As many of you will be aware, Kasabian are touring this autumn/winter, and I managed to bag myself and Billy tickets for Manchester Arena in November! I’m so excited to go to see them as I’ve been wanting tickets ever since they released their latest album For Crying Out Loud. I’m sure you will hear all about me seeing them later this year however!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my autumn haul favourites so far, but I’m sure there will be more to come! Comment with any of your own autumn favourites so far or anything autumn related you’ve been buying/wanting to try!

Sam x

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