Freshers week

Since this is my final year of freshers I thought id share with you all what I’ve been up to this week!

Sunday: As I was back home for the two weeks prior, me and billy decided to take a trip to the trafford centre to pick up a few bits and grab a bite to eat. We headed for a TGIs, where I got a duck salad (they are my absolute fave). Then we went for a little tour round the shops and I picked up my new pink jacket and Clinique foundation, which you can read about in my Autumn Haul post. After this we decided to go to the cinema and watch IT. It is such a good horror film, it’s very strange though and a lot of it doesn’t make sense, such as it never really explains who or what pennywise is! I did however get a nose bleed half way through and had to run out dripping in blood (great look running out of a horror film). In the evening we headed into Manchester for a couple of cocktails at the Alchemist. I had a nettle drink which I needed to have a syringe of something before hand to numb my tongue and stop it from stinging me, and billy got a Colour Changing one, which you pour yourself and it all steams. I then got a fairy liquid drink, which honestly looked like fairy liquid. After this we went to scout of the Coorslight ice cave. Tickets were completely free, and it was actually really good!

Monday: This was a completely unfreshers way to spend the day, but I went to Alton towers. I had a free entry ticket which was for this day only however, as I completed the big six challenge back in April, which allows you to return on a selected day in September. I went with a bunch of friends from work, and had such an amazing day. We managed to get round all the big rides, which was good considering there was 15 of us! After this we all headed to Tinsley TGIs for a squad meal.

Tuesday: My day started off pretty boring with work from 11:15, but it was my last day having to drive all the way from Manchester. After work I headed back to my Sheffield house where I had a good catch up with my house mates before beginning to get ready for the first proper night out of freshers. We went to the silent disco at leadmill. I absolutely love a good silent disco, and it did not disappoint!

Wednesday: I had to go into work a little hung over and feeling sorry for my self, but luckily got to leave early as it was really quiet, meaning I made it back in time to go for a carvery. This was after I fell asleep in the staff room however. After napping in the afternoon I began getting ready for one of pals from home’s 21st house party and my best mate Meg came round to join for a few cheeky drinks before we headed out. It was lovely seeing Beth on her 21st, but we wanted to go and have a good boogie so left for pop world after a few hours. We were bitterly disappointed to find out we couldn’t get in popworld due to an event, and headed to tiger works instead. I had a great night it being just me and Meg.

Thursday: This was my earliest start of the week as I had agreed to head into town at 10 with Danielle and Meg (house mate Meg) to grab a ‘Shit shirt’ for the 80s night we were attending. We struck gold in A New Shop which is a vintage shop on Division street. We then had to head into uni for our inductions. I have never been so scared for my future. We had a careers meeting and basically found out I have no plan for the future so far. Then we had our dissertation induction which was terrifying as it all became real! Luckily I have already began thinking about my dissertation, but it’s still scary! As I mentioned, tonight was the 80s themed night at leadmill, which I throughly enjoyed, but had to leave early as I didn’t feel right at all.

Friday: It  was the most beautiful start to a day as I lay in bed catching up with all my sleep and watching Once Upon a Time before having to get ready for work. I did however wake up at 9 to try and get Imagine Dragons tickets but sorely missed out. I did manage to head out after work however to celebrate Chi’s 21st with the house (minus Amy) and Billy plus their group of lads. I honestly missed being in plug!

Saturday: So I had to crawl out of bed due a weeks worth of sleep deprivation and drive myself and Billy back to Manchester/Romiley to get my broken car checked by my dad and then get ready for my mums birthday party! We then headed to the Cricket Club to begin our night. From here we drank, danced and ate. It was a lovely evening, although I finished this post sat on my sisters sofa at 1:30am ordering takeaway and drinking rum, so the rest is a mystery!

So in summery this may be the most eventful week I’ll have until December (birthday month!). But I had an amazing week despite the few ups and downs that comes with every freshers week. I appologise for the photo spam, but I took so many photos it was impossible to cut it down any more.  I am now knackered and as unprepared as ever for my final year at uni. Wish me luck!!

Sam x

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