Wedding in Benidorm: Part 1 – before I go

This weeks blog posts are going to be linked and in two parts all about the wedding I am attending this week just outside of Benidorm. The first one, is all about what I’m taking away, what I’m wearing and everything else before I go! It’s basically for those, like myself, who want a little nosey into someone else’s life. The second part, on Sunday, is going to be about my actual time there as I go Thursday to Sunday. The wedding is for a close family friend of Billys, but who wouldn’t take an opportunity to go away?

First things first, what I’m actually wearing to the wedding. I really struggled with finding the perfect outfit, as it’s still going to be around 27 degrees during the day, I needed something that would be cooling. So anything tight fitting was straight out the window. After numerous shopping trips and hours spent in Meadowhall I finally came across the perfect outfit. The shoes and bag however were left until Monday of this week (oops). I’ll break down my outfit a little bit for you.

  1. The skirt. I’m wearing a mauve, knee length, a-line, satin skirt from Missguided. It’s the exact style I had been looking for but was becoming impossible to find! I think I came across this one towards the end of August and just had to give it a go, luckily it was the perfect size and perfect colour. 
  2. The top. Since the skirt was such an awkward colour is was seeming as though the only thing to go with it was white, which I didn’t want to do! I came across my top in Riverisland however, and although it was on the pricey side, it seemed like it would be the right choice. It’s a floral patterned burgundy crop top, which cost a total of £28. 
  3. The shoes. Due to it being a location wedding, I was really struggling with what style of shoe to go for. Do I go holiday themed and wear a wedge, classic wedding and go for the stiletto heal? I found the perfect shoe in new look however, but I’ve had to order them in as they didn’t have my size in the burgundy/purple I wanted! Fingers cross they’re okay. (I obviously don’t have a picture so I’ve included a link)
  4. The bag. I wanted something small but spacious as I’ll be out and about all day. I got a burgundy leather bag from accessorise which goes really well as it’s a shade darker than my top but the same as my shoes (perfect colour coordination).

What I’m packing: Suitcase 
I’ll leave out the boring items such as tooth paste, shampoo etc. As I’m certain you’ll all be aware that you pack these in the suitcase. Other than my wedding outfit I’ve thrown in:

  1. Make up. I know it’s technically a holiday and you shouldn’t wear makeup on holiday, but It is a wedding. I’m still going to do the bare minimum but I’ve just got to.
  2. My little toiletry bag. Very self explanatory really, just the main shower gel, face cream etc. the bag itself is from Primark.
  3. Curlers. Now I most likely won’t use these as my hair goes a little weird in humid conditions but you never know what you’ll need.
  4. My favourite travelling trouser. They are from Zara and I’ve had them around 2 years. I wear them every time I fly! They are super comfy and I love the pattern.
  5. Little night time bag. My summer essential bag is this coral coloured Nica bag which I’ve had again for around 2 years. It fits so much in and has lots of different compartments, which I often struggle with. img_1114

In my hand luggage.

  1. My laptop and notebooks. Since I’m on my third year, I need to keep up to date with all my work, and so I’ll be working away in the sun. I have the Mac Book in rose gold, which I got for my birthday, and the notebooks are from paperchase! img_1125.jpg
  2. My reading material. I’m taking Passenger (as in my Autumn Haul post) to finish off, but also a classic favourite of mine The Perks of Being A Wall Flower. A MUST READ. img_1118.jpg
  3. My actual hand luggage bag. I bought this for my girly holiday to Ayia Napa (blog post to follow) from Next. It’s a great size, but doesn’t have any pockets which is a little annoying. The leather straps however make it really sturdy. 

I hope this post wasn’t too long and boring for you all! Do you have any suggestions as to what you should pack for a location wedding? or just your favourite travel goodies? Let me know in the comments.

Sam x

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