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Wedding in Benidorm: Part 2 – My time there

This post is way over due and I’m sorry, but I’ve been super busy. As you will be aware if you read my last post (link here) I was attending a wedding in Benidorm/Alicante the past weekend. It was beautiful and I had such a lovely time! This post is all about the wedding and my time there.

The actual wedding and where we were staying was in Villa Joyosa, a little town (if you can even call it that due to the size) half way between Alicante and Benidorm. We stayed in the most beautiful villa, with the living room and our bedroom looking over onto the sea! I’ll try and do a little run down of what we did/ other interesting stuff as a day by day recall.

Who can’t live by this? Lets be honest.

We flew from Manchester at 6am, which was an absolute killer after only having 1hr sleep due to driving back from Sheffield after working the Student lock in at meadowhall! The plane ride was not what you want. It was full your stereotypical Benidorm goers – stag and hen parties, large families, that kind of vibe. So it was extremely loud and people were super eger for so early in the morning. We had to get a Taxi to the villa after picking up our keys, and did a grand tour of the villa. We soon found out that the only down fall, and I do mean only, was that it didn’t have its’ own pool (and maybe the location actually). Which brings me to the evening..
As we found out that we were a little far away to walk to any shops without a car, which Billys mum and Dad were bringing later that night, we had to go out for tea (I know how upsetting). We headed to the Montiboli hotel, where the wedding was taking place, and wow. It was amazing. It was a 5 star hotel, with the most amazing views, covered by beautiful greenery and all staff wearing suits. We went for a few drinks on the terrace first, due to the resturant not opening until 8:30 (it was Spain after all) and enjoyed some well needed beers and cocktails.

The meal was at a mitchellin star restaurant, The Emperador, served by the renowned chef Jean Marc Sanz of Valencia, and I honestly don’t think I’ve ever eaten food as amazing or flavoursome. I had the sword fish, which came with a little pipet of lemon juice, and veg underneth. Billy went for the Iberian pork, Which was just at breath taking. Even though the portions were small, they were certainly filling. Hence why i think rich people are generally really skinny? 


This was the ultimate chill and lazy day. After a well needed lie in, I began to do some of my uni work that I was missing due to going away. I then spent the rest of the day sunbathing and going on a little walk to the beach. The evening was spent in true Spanish style, with a big family meal consisting of billys parents, his sister Connie, Nana May (billys nana) and Billys aunt and uncle (sue and Dave). After this we headed to the wedding venue for a little get together with other guests for us to all meet and mingle before the big day.

Saturday (wedding day) 

The actual wedding wasn’t to begin until 2pm, so I had all morning to laze about and slowly get ready (what more could you want?) After a hair disater, which was basically just nothing working, I opted for two little fishtail plaits going into one, in a lose wavy style.

The ceremony was magical, taking place on a terrace looking out to the sea. Aly, the bride, looked exquisite also, with a beaded style dress and matching 20’s style head dress. 
The sit down meal was also extremely entertaining, with possibly the worlds longest speeches, lasting 1hr 15mins! There was also a quiz and a few table games such as photo taking.

The night time was filled was ALOT of drinking and dancing!


After recovering me and Billy watched Star Wars whilst lay on the sofa of the villa, before having to pack up and make our long journey home. The flight back was at 9pm, and so landed in Manchester around 11pm, before having to pick my car up and drive back to Sheffield once again.

Airport Shopping

I couldn’t not include what I picked up in duty free..
On the way out I got a set of 3 pairs of hooped earrings for the wedding and a stunning lingerie set from Boux. In Spain I picked up a new back pack as mine was getting a little old and I got bought a Bombay Safire set which included a glass that I’ve wanted for ages!

I had a wonderful time, although I don’t think I’ll return to that part of Spain any time soon. But it has made me want to get married abroad myself!

What do you think about location wedding?

Sam x

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