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A rare Saturday off: Blueplanet edition 

As I work at TGI Fridays it is very rare that I get a Saturday off without booking it, which usually means I already have somewhere to be. But since I did, and with Billy also having the day off (he’s currently on placement so has typical working hours) we decided to make the most of it.

Our plan was to get up early and head to Blueplanet aquarium in Chester, which I haven’t been to in YEARS. However, since we were out celebrating Dan’s 21st the night before, we felt that a lie in was necessary. We did finally come round and begin our 1.5 hour journey from Sheffield to Ellesmere Port (Blueplanet). 

Both me and Billy love days out like this, and I would highly recommend going! It’s especially great for kids or families, but it definitely isn’t limited too. Tickets are pretty cheap aswell, as it cost us just under £30 for the two of us when booked online. There are thousands of different fish, reptiles and amphibians to look at. They have it set out into different ecosystems such as the ocean, rivers, lakes and ponds! My favourite was the tortoises and the mantarays. It was so cool just watching them go about! The sharks were great aswell as you can stand underneath where they swim! I was extremely upset about the otter enclosure being closed due to refurbishment however. 

It doesn’t take very long to actually get round, especially since we missed all the talks and activities that they usually have on. So since we were so close to Cheshire oaks outlet centre, we thought we’d have a little look round a few of the shops (of corse we bought things). 

I picked up a new bag from fiorelli, which I have been in need of for a while, since my usual everyday handbag has completely fallen apart! It’s a great everyday size as it can fit everything I need into it, without being too big. I got an absolute bargain! The rrp was £70 but was reduced to £50 as it is an outlet shop, but i didn’t realise they also had 30% off everything so came to only £34!! Billy sneakily bought me the matching purse as a lovely surprise also. 

I also got myself some lint hot chocolate which I can’t wait to try and some mint crisp Cadbury’s chocolate. It is the best chocolate ever, but unfortunately only sell it in Ireland, other than special Cadbury’s shops. We managed to get 6 bars each (don’t judge we absolutely love it and won’t come across it again for a while). For tea we headed to the Cheshire Oaks TGI Fridays for a lovely cheap meal (as I get 50% off all food). I went for the mozzarella dippers and the new Gravy Seal burger which is a beef burger and chicken burger stacked together with shrimp on top, I also upgraded to the warrior fries (again don’t judge, I love food). It was just what we needed after a long day! 

We decided to end the night by staying at mine and watching The Purge: Election Year. Which so far I have to say I am enjoying! 

Let me know if you have any suggestions of places to go for a day out or if you have any thoughts on Blueplanet Aquarian / Cheshire Oaks. 

Sam x
I’ve added a link here for the Blueplanet aquarium if you’d like to take a look! 

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