Room tour 

I know this is rather late in the year for a room tour, but I haven’t done one yet so thought why not! I absolutely love my new room and my new house. I live right next to the botanical gardens in Sheffield, which are prefect for a walk round on a mild day. I have a lot in my room now, and other than little things that I will continue to add as and when I find them, I think my room is pretty much complete.

My favourite part (The windowsill)

I have a proper windowsill this year, which is just slightly smaller than I am (so luckily I can reach it). I have tried not too add too much to clutter it, and tried to keep it nice and simple. On one end I’ve got my small array of perfumes (I’m trying to use them before Christmas!). Currently all my work pins are next to that as I need to add them to my braces, but it just takes soooo long! Then I have my little glass jar of popouri (I’ve just bought a new christmassy looking one from Ikea). Finally I have a limited selection of books that I am either currently reading or want to read next, the rest live above my wardrobe as I have far too many books. fullsizeoutput_6c8fullsizeoutput_6d2

My bed

luckily I have a 3/4 bed this year, which means all my bedding from last year could come with me. Even though I did pretty much replace it all as soon as I moved in. My two favourite things about my bed are how comfy it is, due to the memory foam mattress topper and my duck feather duvet, and how cute it is with floral bedding and being under a slanted roof!


From the Sheffield Christmas Markets
This tapestry was bought for me last Christmas by Billy, who got it from Sheffield Christmas market.

Desk area

I think I’ve done a pretty good job with this section of my room, especially as it takes up such a huge part. Again I’ve tried to keep it free from clutter, partly by using the MASSIVE filing cabinet draws that are part of it to store my uni work and my makeup. I just have the basic neccessities on here instead, such as my hair products (hair dryer, straighteners etc), my mirror, also from Ikea, some candles and a little bit of decoration, such as my cactus and flowers. I also finally managed to put my photos up on the wall above the desk and I love how this looks! Whilst I was in halls I just pinned them all to the notice board, but obviously I couldn’t do that this year, so I’ve just pinned them in the wall instead. Apparently toothpaste can solve the hole problem when I take them down.


Wardrobe and draws

This is just a basic part of the room really, I have the rest of my coats hung on the wardrobe, with a box full of books and dvd’s on top, along with my new Fiorelli bag, which you can read about in my post here. On top of my draws I have my TV, which is very large yes haha, with another few candles in front of it, and a flamingo teddy that Meg gave me last year! I love the furniture in my room as it has a real rustic feel about it, something you don’t get with the usual Ikea furniture. That is one of the reasons we actually chose this house.

My least favourite area (Shoe rack and under the desk)

I bought a very cheap shoes rack from B&M when I moved in, as my shoes don’t quite fit in my wardrobe, so only my boots live there. There isn’t really much room on it however as it only fits about two shoes per rack, and I have A LOT of shoes to be honest. So this is something, along with my draws, that I have to change seasonally, with all of my sandals living in a box under my bed until summer time again. I don’t particularly like this part as I think it looks a little scruffy, but there is very little I can do to resurrect it now. Around this area I also have my wicker basket win, my printer and my washing basket (how exciting).fullsizeoutput_6d8

I hope this hasn’t bored you too much!

If you have any questions about anything feel free to comment!

Sam x

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