Retail Awards 

This week I was lucky enough to be invited to the Meadowhall retail awards along with a few others from TGI Friday’s (where I work), on Sunday 15th October. It was such a good night, and possibly one of the poshest nights, bar weddings, I’ve been too. This is the sole reason for the late post, Sorry! However, this is a long post so I apologise if you find yourself skipping or skim reading.img_3728.jpg

 I began the night by meeting at my work for a quick cocktail at 5pm. The event was described as “black tie”, and other than this I had no idea of what the evening held. I had only been invited the Thursday before, giving me 2 hours on Friday and an hour (which was my break at work), to find a suitable outfit. I wore a midi bodycon style dress, from NewLook, along with some classic black heels, also from NewLook. My bag, which I am now in love with, is from Accessorize. It’s an embellished envelope style bag, with blue, blue and silvery beading across it. (All items are added with a link).


After meeting everyone, we got a Taxi to Ponds forge for a champagne reception. In true Friday’s style, we made sure we had more than the fair share. We then proceeded into the main room, which was the sports hall, via a red carpet and fairy lights tunnel. All retailers were separated into individual tables, which was nice as it meant we could spend time as our close-knit group. the whole venue was decorated beautifully, full of fair lights and little details such as a candelabra on each table! The table also supplied us with a further 2 bottles of bubbly, 2 bottles of white wine, a bottle of red and bottle of water.



The food was amazing. It was a 3 corse meal, consisting of Pate to start, followed by beef and brisket, and then some sort of apple tart. I was a little disappointed by the dessert however, just because of how good the rest had been.

The next part of the evening involved a game, in which everyone stands up and the bracelet you are given (the same as the Coldplay concert ones) begins to flash, when yours goes out you sit down. This continued until around 6 people had to stand on stage for the final round. Unfortunately I didn’t win either the Little Mix tickets or the Pearl bracelet.

Finally the awards…
This was done is a very Brits style way, with two presenters and a different special guest per category. As you will notice, Nando’s beat us once again (BOO NANDO’s).
Women’s wear: NewLook
Men’s wear: All Saints
Footwear: Schu
Jewellery: Pandora
Children: Disney
Health and Beauty: Boots
Gifts and Treats: Pandora
Phones and Technology: Apple
Entertainment: HMV
Financial: HSBC
Travel: Thomas Cook
Lingerie: Victoria Secret
Home: Next
Restaurant: Nandos
Department Store: Debenhams
Excellence in Customer Service: Disney
Independence: Candle time

The rest of the evening was spent dancing, drinking and generally having an absolute ball. I loved the night, and would be absolutely thrilled to go to this kind of thing again!


So I hope you’re still with me and I didn’t bore you too much. Let me know if you’ve ever attended this kind of thing, and what you thought of it.

Sam x

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