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Top 7 foreign places I’d love to visit

Like many of you, I have a list longer than my arm of places I’d like to visit. I even have places Ive been too but need to go back to on there. This is just a short concise list of a few of the places I’d love to go, but by no means all of them (we’d be here all week if that was the case). I’ve been trying to go to at least one new place off my list every year, and so far so good! 

The best thing to read for a few ideas of where to go

So I thought I’d start with the basic European cities that I need to visit. 


Vienna has been somewhere ive been wanting to go for as long as I can remember. I love the look of it! It looks beautiful, and historic (which is definitely what I’m into). It’s home to the beautiful schobrunn palace and sits along the Danube river. I’ve never been to Austria before so would be a completely new experience. 


Again this is somewhere I’ve been wanting to visit for ages! It’s so cheap to get too and whilst you’re there that I don’t really know why I haven’t been yet. Danielle spent a term there last year and it just looked amazing (plus cheap beer which is always a winner). I’d definitely prefer to go in December when the Christmas markets are on, but I doubt that will happen any time soon as it’s so expensive! 


Similarly with the other two,  it is somewhere extremely popular that I have been wanting to go to for quite a while. There’s so much history there and so much to do! Ideally I’d like to go during the colder months, but I think summer would be good too. 

Germany – Berlin, Cologne, Munich.. 

So this a little bit of a different one, I have never been anywhere in Germany so would love to visit quite a few places, but particularly Berlin, Cologne and Munich. Going during the October fest would definitely be ideal but it’s so much expensive in October that I wonder if it would be worth it? 

Next is a couple of places that are more tropical, but who doesn’t love a good beach holiday with soft sands and clear blue sea?

We love a bit of a beach holiday


I’m not too sure what it is that attracts me to much to Hawaii, I think it’s partially the way it looks and how it’s perceived, with all the coconuts and Hulu dancers. Also partially because it’s the home to Lilo and Stictch! I know it’s very Americanised but it’s just somewhere I want to try! Not that it’s somewhere I could visit any time soon due to the price of it, but I can hope!!


 All I know is that it looks beautiful, with the algae that glows in the dark, the huts on the water and the clear waters of the Indian Ocean. It’s compiled of 26 tolls which are made from 1,000s of coral islands.

South East Asia

So the last is more of a continent but there are so many places I want to go and even to just write about South East Asia would take me forever. I love places that are different, and from everything I’ve heard about from my friends who have been they all have amazing things to say. I would particularly like to visit Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines! 

Sorry for the rather long post, but I love new places and can’t wait to one day be able to tick them all off my list! 

Sam x

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