Recent Nextflix Binges 

Everyone loves a good Netflix binge, watching episode after episode late at night. These are the recent ones I’ve been watching, and I know how hard it is to find something good to watch so I thought I’d share them! 

Stranger Things 2

You must have been living under a rock if you hadn’t heard about Stranger Things 2 release. It’s even better than the first series and more weird. For those who don’t know, the first series was about a boy who dissapeared one day and his friends tried to find him, only to find a girl with special mind powers and go discover the “upside down”. It is definitely worth a watch! 

The Vampire Diaries season 2

I’ve been watching the Vampire Diaries since 2009 (yes it’s really been going that long). I absolutely love it, whilst some series have been better than others I have to admit, and you can get lost between the series, it is still as good as ever! The first few series were based on the books by L. J. Smith, which also were amazing. It’s about two brothers that return to their home town after 145years and fall in a love with a doppelgänger.. que many deaths and many plot twists. 


Season 7 has recently just finished, well during the summer, and I can’t wait for the next! It’s about an incredibly smart guy who becomes a lawyer without getting a law degree and works for one of the best closers in NewYork. I won’t spoil anything for you. (My nephew is also named after a main character it’s that good). 

Once Upon a Time

A very strange twist on your classic fairy tale and fairy tale characters. They live in a little town called Storybrook after the evil witch banished them from their home, but no one knows who they really are until the princess comes along to break the spell. It’s a lot better than it sounds, but totallybcheesy and girly. It is extremely easy to binge watch aswell! 

Doctor Foster

Again you must have been living under a rock if you weren’t aware that Doctor Foster series 2 aired last month (it was great!). As all my house had watched the first series when it came out a few years ago, I watched all series 1 in two days! It’s about a women who’s husband is cheating on her (Dr Foster) and she wants revenge. 

Honestly if you are stuck for a series give one a try, you won’t regret it! 

Sam x

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