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A Christmas in New York

So the title may be a little lie.. but only by a day. Back in 2015 I headed to New York in late December, around the 19th I believe, and flew home on the 24th (my birthday!) so basically Christmas.

If you have never been, New York is a very difficult place to describe, especially at Christmas. It’s so busy, but also magical and beautiful. I would go back in a heart beat. As it was 2 years ago now, I can’t remember an exact day by day, but I do remember what we did!

So we flew to Newark airport, which is actually closer to the city than JFK, and got a taxi to the hotel. My first thoughts where how big it all way! You come into the city from a tunnel and everything just opens up in front of you. It is breath taking.

We did most of the major tourist attractions, such as the Top of the Rock, where you can see across the city and Central Park, and the Empire State at night, so saw the whole city light up!

Shopping was on another level! There is so many just down 5th Avenue! I spent so much, and actually bought some of my Christmas presents off my family, like my Michael Kors bag and Tiffany ring.

It didn’t seem like we had enough time there, but we packed so much in. Obviously we walked around Central Park, and we also went to Ground Zero and did a walking talk tour of it, which went through what happened in detail and talked about some of the people who were on the plane, and also within the towers.

My favourite sites have to be Times Square, the Christmas tree out the Rock and the Empire State! But also just walking down 5th Av and seeing all the Christmas lights everywhere.

This post has definitely got me feeling festive! Sorry it isn’t in too much detail, but I just had to share!

Sam x

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