Christmas Haul 

I know some of you will be cursing the word, but Christmas is well on its way. I’ve already nearly finished Christmas shopping! This means that I’ve had plenty of time to buy my own Christmas themed things.

Reindeer Garland

I bought this from Wentworth Garden centre a few weeks ago when I went with Billy. I love it. It’s so festive and looks great on my wall where I previously had a love heart garland!

Snowflake Bedding 

I saw this in the Tesco Christmas guide and just had to have it! I only picked it up today but I’m so in love. It was only £18 for a double, which is currently cheaper than the primark Christmas bedding (winner) and I managed to get it for £16 by using my club card points.

Reindeer bowl

Also from wentworth, I picked up this mega cute bowl! Definitely feeling the festivities.

Elf Glass

To go with my festive bowl, I got an elf glass from the charity shop at the Berkeley centre for £1! I would definitely check out your local charity shop for some Christmas buys. I also picked up some letters for santa for my nephews for 50p each!

Wooden candle holder

Now this I just found mega cute! Not too sure what kind of candle I get for it yet but I’m sure I’ll find something. I also bought this from wentworth.

Yankee candle

Who doesn’t love a good Christmas Yankee candle? My favourites are this one, the Christmas cookie, and the Christmas memories. It smells exactly like sweet Christmas cookies, like a home during the holidays. Perfect.

Ginger bread diffuser 

This compliments my Yankee candle extremely well as they both smell the same, so my room is constantly smelling sweet and Christmassy! I picked this up at Next for just £12. I’m about 2.5 weeks into using it and it’s about half way so probably not the longest lasting, but still worth it.

Obviously I bought way more than this, some of which you can see in the first photo, but I don’t think we have the time to go through them all! I hope this has gotten you into the Christmas spirit because if you can’t tell, I love Christmas!!

I must apologise for the lack of posts recently, as many of you uni student will know, November is the month of hell! I’ve had so much work and deadlines. But I’ll back at my usual posts from now!

Sam x

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