A fun filled festive week

Last week, although amazing, was extremely busy and festive filled! But I’m hoping it gives you some insight as to what I’ve been up to recently.


So Monday was quite boring as I had work until 5, while all my house mates got to go to York (cry cry). My night however, was great. I helped Billy and Chi to decorate their ikea tree (it’s beautiful if I do say so) and watched a couple of Christmas films!


I was actually a little ill that morning, but soon recovered in time to have a night in watching Christmas films! We watched The Holiday and Love Actually (both which I love) and I began wrapping all of my families Christmas presents. Yes I am that organised this year.


Okay so I had to go home this day, partially optional but I did have to go and do a speed awareness course, bad I know. For anyone who has one, they actually aren’t too bad! After this however, I headed to the Christmas markets in Manchester with my dad, where we had a few mulled wines and a German Sausage. I love the Christmas markets and I am going again this Thursday!


I managed to finish all my Christmas shopping (well almost all). I picked Billy up from work, and went to Meadowhall, where we met Chi. I then left the lads to go shopping on their own so I could crack on. About 2 and a half hours later, I was finished and ready to sleep! Not before a little Christmas film however (I think I’ve watched every Christmas film there is this year if my honest).


Probably the most boring day of the week. I had uni in the morning and then work at night, that’s pretty much it!


As I’ve mentioned before, I usually spend Saturdays working, but not this week! It was the day of my 21st party. I started the day off by showering and getting ready as best as I could at the time, before heading to Meadowhall for my makeup at illamasqua. It was amazing and I loved the look, they went for an orange undertone to my eyes and I loved it! It cost £50 but this was redeemable I’m makeup, which basically means you get a free makeover. After meeting Meg and Cheska, we started the night off drinking (well at 3 o’clock!). I then headed for an AMAZING meal at Cubana tapas bar with my family, who came from Manchester on this snowy snowy Saturday. It was £20 each for a huge selection, from chorizo to lamb! We then headed for drinks at Kuckoo and then to meet everyone for the main event at tiger Works! I had an amazing day and night, so thank you to everyone who came.

Image by Calvin Merry


I spent the morning hung over eating KFC. I did however, go to Megs that night with Cheska for present giving and a Christmas dinner (which turned into dominos). They gave me my Birthday presents, which were amazing! A pink fluffy bag, pink velvet top (both from Topshop), Snow Fairy shower gel , two Lushbath bombs and a piglet mug! They know me so well. I bought them both pictures with frames of us, and a sanctuary gift set that I want for myself.

So basically I have had a super jam packed festive week and loved every second! I hope you all have been up to something fun and exciting too

Sam x

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