A festive fun filled week: part 2

So once again I got up to a lot this week, and although I’m tired with 5 more days of work to go until I finish for Christmas, I am feeling more festive than ever.


The week began pretty boring with a double at work, but I came home to wrap all of Billys presents with my house mates which was nice!


Since me and Billy don’t get to spend Christmas together, we thought it would be a good idea to head out for a lovely Christmas meal together. We went to Venus in Dinnington, which is beautiful! The food was amazing, although we did have to book around a month in advance. We both chose the Yorkshire pudding starter, followed by a lamb shank (the best lamb I have ever eaten I must add). I finished with the Carrot cake whilst Billy opted for the Raspberry Cheesecake. I had a lovely night, and the place was so festive and amazing.


This was to be our Christmas meal night in the house, so after work I headed home to prepare for a beautifully cooked roast by Abi, our personal Nigella. We had such a good laugh playing games like monopoly and the one where you stick a name on your head (festive themed obviously). We also have out our secret santa presents! I got a Blog Planner and a box of Thornton’s of Amy, best presents. To end the night, me Abi and Danielle stayed up watching conspiracy theories and talking about the dead (what else could you ask for?).


After a very late night, me and Danielle had to head into uni for our last American Politics seminar. I then headed home for a festive bath (festive as I used the Christmas sweater bath bomb). It made the bath pink and beautiful!

After this me and Billy went for our annual trip to Manchester markets. Since I’m from Manchester I’m so used to going that I just have to every year. I had an amazing time. I bought some cupcakes, a brownie, bought my Christmas present of my Nan and Grandad (a Disney Cath Kidston bag) and yes I am aware it’s a kids bag. Billy also got me another love heart to hang up in my room, which I love.


Unfortunately this is where my fun week ends and work begins. I did however finish uni for Christmas, and I managed to sneak in a little shopping trip for some super cute Pjs from Boux Avenue for £19! I did also have to work a close at Work, which meant I finished at almost 1am (cry cry).


I had work all day so nothing exciting to report really!


As I post this I am finishing getting ready for another day at work (wooo!).

I hope this once again gave you a little insight as to what I have been doing this week! But this is the end of my fun times until the 22nd when I finish work for Christmas, so look forward to the posts for then!

Sam x

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