My Trip to Mexico

Since this is the time of year where people are planning their summer holidays, I thought I’d talk a little about one of my most favourite holidays. I went to Mexico, Cancun, back in 2015 and had an absolutely amazing time!

The Hotel

We stayed all inclusive in the Riu Caribe (Link to the hotel here). we stayed all inclusive, which I would definitely recommend in this kind of place, as although there are lots of places to eat, it can be quite expensive. Since the hotel has so much to offer, its nice to stay round the pool some days. the hotel had four restaurants and I think three pools? it was also right on the beach front, with bright blue sea and soft white sands. There was a buffet style restaurant open most of the day, which was usually a different theme each night, but there was also 4 al a carte restaurants to book on to.


We went into the town Center a few times, the first being at night for a couple of drinks. It’s filled with bars and clubs from Hooters, The Hard Rock and Senior Frogs. The first time however, we stuck to bars and just taking in the general surroundings. It was crazy and amazing at the time. It was like a bigger more wild Napa Square (also amazing however, but in a slightly different way). Billy did however get swept up into a con of having a photo with the mask, which we later had to pay for (typical tourist floor on our part).

The next time we went however, was to do a bit of shopping. There was a huge out door shopping Center with the likes of Forever 21 and Pull and Bear. It was great, although roasting in over 37 degree temperatures.

The last time we went was for a bar crawl organised by our hotel Rep as part of the Thompson holiday club. We started out in Cancun Center, only 5 minutes from the hotel, in a cowboy style bar, where shots were largely encouraged and poured down your throat. The Next bar we went to was kind of arena style, where once again they handed out some shots and a single mixer. Here we met some people from our hotel, and a couple our age who were about to go into their last year at Sheffield (just as we were about to start). We then proceeded to a bar in the style of a cow (literally) where we were handed a pint of vodka each, a whole pint, and a little cup of our choice of mixer. It was a very entertaining night so far. We finished off at CocoBongos (link here for this) which is the most amazing place I have ever been (club wise). It’s a full on show, but in club style with club music, but also incorporates acrobats, dancers, the lot! This is a must see if you ever go to Cancun.

Day Trips: Isla Mujeres and Dolphin Swimming

Despite being there for 2 weeks we only managed two day trips, poor I know but we were young and also wanted a proper Caribbean holiday so don’t judge. Firstly we went to Isla Mujers (also link here), where we explored the island and visited shops. After this we headed off to swim with dolphins, manatees and sharks! One of the most amazing experiences of my life I have to say! It was so beautiful, as the whole of Mexico is.

Chichen Itza and Cave Swimming

Our next trip was to Chichen Itza to see the Mayan Ruins. We learnt all about their culture and how they lived, which I knew very little about. During this trip we headed to a tequila farm, where we got to sample different tequila. Another once in a life time visit was to Cenote, where we swam in a natural spring Cave. It was filled with fish, and ice cold, but absolutely amazing. Click here to see the full days trip.

The whole holiday was a once in a life time experience, although I do want to go again. I hope this gives you a little inspiration to book that well deserved holiday.

Sam x

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