Center Parcs Weekend

A few of you may be aware but this past weekend I went to Center Parcs at Whinfell Forest – in Penrith. It was absolutely beautiful and exactly the kind of relaxing weekend that I needed. I’ll try to give a little overview of what we did as best as I can! Before you wonder, due to the weather (snow) we couldn’t do some of the activities such as cycling or the high ropes, but there are loads on offer.


After just over a 2 and a half hours drive I arrived at Center Parcs with Billy, the rest of the party (Billys mum, auntie, Nanna, Dad, sister and Sisters Boyfriend) to follow a little later. After we got checked in, which is possibly the weirdest check in as you do it via car, we parked up at the little home. All of the houses are identical which makes it a little confusing to walk around, but they are great inside. They have a kitchen area with a table and chairs, an open plan living room from this with a large L shaped sofa, flat screen tv, fire and patio doors. Ours had 4 rooms, 2 with double bed and 2 with 2 single beds. Ours had a tv in the room also. Anyway, after we got settled me and Billy went for a little walk and for a quick drink at the pub type place.

Once everyone arrived we settled into a lamb roast, with plenty of drinks (beer, wine, gin, you name it!) and just spent the night all catching up.


After a relaxing morning I headed to the spa with Connie (Billys sister), Sue (Billys Auntie), Lisa (Billys mum) and Nanna May. We got treated to, by Nanna May, a back massage and our nails done. The back massage was amazing and exactly what I needed! I loved it and I’m now pining for another one. I got my nails done in a baby pink colour and look so cute. The spa was really good, however it is extremely expensive since it’s at Center Parcs and rather small, but it’s worth it if you’re there! The whole spa experience as how you imagine it if you have never been, with everyone walking round in white robes and talking very quietly.

Later we went to the sports Center which was right next door to arrange the rest of the day. I then went for a classic Star Bucks coffee and toastie (my fave at the min is the caramel macchiato).

The rest of the day was really chilled to be honest – I went for a walk with Billy, visited some of the shops and then went back to the home for a lovely tea and even more drinks!


Before driving home me and Billy went for a final walk round and for some lunch in the heavy snow. We settled on a pub lunch, which was a little disappointing as it was in no way home made which is what I expected, but it was nice! The rest of the day we spent driving back to Sheffield, and that was pretty much it.

Center Parcs is great, and I loved going, however there are a few things that maybe aren’t the best. The Village Center that contains all the shops and restaurants is so over priced! The shops have items so much more expensive than the shops you have in local shopping centres. Also the food choice isn’t great, however there is a super market for you to cook your own food at the home!

I loved my weekend and my company and would go back! I hope this wasn’t too boring, and gave you a little overview of my time there.

Sam x

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