Getting Motivated

Recently I’ve been finding it really difficult to motivate my self, both in my uni work and in getting fit. However, I think that I’ve just about had a break through. Partly due to fear but partly through a few little things I’ve been doing to try and motivate my self.

Firstly, having motivational quotes and inspiration about my room, and on my phone has really helped as it spurs something on inside of me.

Having someone to help motivate me has been really great too. Billy has been getting him self to the gym nearly every day, which on its own has motivated me. But he’s also been making me do my work, and motivating me to get on with things!

Another thing that has helped is taking small steps. So for the fitness side, I’ve downloaded a few apps to inspire me, such as Couch to 5K which helps you to run 5K in 9 weeks by taking it one step at a time. I have joined back at the gym, and paid it all in one go so I can’t cancel my membership like I usually do. I have also tried to read one piece of uni work a night so I’m making a little bit of a way into my work.

Getting prepared has also helped to spur me along. Little things like having my gym bag in my car, having my books in plain sight, and making sure I have a water bottle in the fridge ready.

I know all of these things won’t work, or aren’t possible for everyone. I’ve only been doing these for around a week my self, but they really seem to be helping me out! Let me know if you have anything that helps to get you motivated.

Sam x

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