Trip to London

Being in the midst of planning yet another holiday with my pals, I thought I’d talk about my annual trip to London with Billy. A few weekends ago me and Billy headed to the capital to celebrate both our 5 year anniversary and his 21st Birthday! Since we’ve been every year together we thought we would try to do things a little differently. (Bare with this is going to be a long one).

We got the train from Sheffield on the Friday and arrived in London around 12. After checking out the Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross we headed to our hotel to drop our bags. We then decided to go for a little wander and ended up at Buckingham Palace, Downing Street and St. James Park!

We stayed at one of the new Premier Inn Hubs hotels. They are amazing! Although the rooms are a little small, there is plenty of space and filled with everything you need for a weekend away. The double bed is against the wall with a control board on the head board – to control the lights, tv and air-con/ heating. I honestly would not stay anywhere else next time I go! To make it better it’s super cheap also. We stayed at the one at St. James Park, which is extremely central.

Friday evening (our actual anniversary) we had booked in at STK London, an amazing Steak restaurant. The food was beautiful. I had a raw salmon starter, a steak for my main and cheese cake for dessert. All I can say is wow. We opted for a £30 3 course menu which included a glass of champagne on the roof top bar also! After the meal we got to see the Lion King at the Lyceum. It is so so good and I urge everyone to go and see it, whether you like musicals or not, it is just fabulous. The cast dress like animals by using props and headgear. It is exactly like the film and includes all the songs (I sang along of corse). I actually bought the tickets for Billy for Christmas, which was the whole reason for going to London. We ended the night by getting some beers from Tesco and going back to the room to watch The Mummy (all films were free on the tv which was great!).

Saturday began with an early start as we headed to the London Dungeons for 10am. If you’ve never been it’s so much fun, you go through different scenes of famous London criminals and murderers such as Jack the Ripper and Sweeney Todd, with live people acting them out and scaring you. After this we decided to take a trip to Camden for the markets as neither of us had ever been. I’m still unsure what I actually make of Camden, it’s like a strange grungy place. The food stalls were amazing though, and I wanted so much but settled on the halloumi fries. The market was huge and honestly I only did about a quarter as there was just so much, and most of it was the exact same and very expensive! Next we took a trip to the National History Museum which I haven’t been to in years. It was great seeing the huge wale, and all the volcano displays, not to mention the solar system.

After a quick change and little nap we were ready to head out for tea and drinks! But not before we checked out the M&M shop and the Lego Store. Since we wanted a cheap tea for the night we decided on the TGIs at Piccadilly Circus as I get 50% off. We then headed over to Chiquitos for more cocktails to finish our night.

Sunday was a little later of a start as we were knackered, but after we awoke we headed straight out for the shops. We took to Oxford Circus for the likes of TopShop, Zara and Tiger. Obviously we visited Hamleys for possibly a few hours (it’s ginormous). We got to watch a few street performers at Leister Square, and even participated in one at Covent Garden! However we did have to cut the day short as we had a train to catch at 7.

It was honestly the best trip to London I have had. Although I couldn’t mention absolutely everything, we did so much and managed to squish it all in such a small amount of time.

Until next time London,

Sam x

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