Beginnings of a Spring Haul

This was supposed to be published the other week, then all that snow hit and I thought it was better to wait..

As far as I’m concerned winter is over and spring is in our midst after the slight change of temperature recently and longer days. Due to this my inner shopper has once again come out of hibernation. I’ve only bought a few items recently, all of which have been absolute bargains, but it’s definitely the start of my spring 2018 wardrobe mixed with some of my old favourites.

Onto my new stuff..

It all began when I went to London (take a look at my previous post), and I just so happened to stumble into the huge top shop at Oxford Circus. I used my Christmas gift card and treated myself to a few little bits.

Spotted Front Tie Top – Topshop £29

Stretch Boot Heels – (well saw and purchased on line) Topshop £25

Back before the weather turned I treated myself with a trip to Meadowhall and to town I saw myself purchase a few golden items.

BDG Axyl Slim Straight Jeans in Black – Urban Outfitters £35

Pins & Needles Molly Black Cupro Culotte Jumpsuit (wanted for literally a year) – Urban Outfitters £46

Black triangle Bikini – Primark £4

Blue Triangle mesh Bikini – Primark

Ripped Girl Friend Jeans – Primark £16

Stripey multi-coloured crop top – Primark

White t shirt – Primark £2

Orange strappy top – Primark

Adidas Essential 3 Stripe Tights – Adidas £22.95

Duramo Slide (kids ones) – £12.95

So far I think I’ve been pretty successful in my spring clothes, as the majority of them are completely interchangeable for a different outfit! Hopefully the weather can stay this nice now and I can actually wear them!

Sam x

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