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Back to blogging: What I’ve been up to and my plans for the summer!

Some of you may have noticed that I have been MIA on the blogging front for the past couple of months, but I am once again back at it! with the heavy work load of my final semester at university I was under a lot of stress, and spent the majority of my time either writing my dissertation or revising for my final exams. But all of that is now in the past and I HAVE FINISHED UNIVERSITY!!! With a 2:1 I would like to add.

Celebratory drinks @kuckoo

So anyway, what have been doing and what are my plans now I hear you asking? Well keep up as I am about to tell.

As I mentioned I have finished university, this included finishing my dissertation and attending our own version of a History Grad Ball. We held the ‘pre-drinks’ at our student house (seen as though 3 of us do history), and headed out for a lovely meal, lots of wine, and followed by a trip to West Street Live.

Leavers ball

Many of friends celebrated their birthdays. To name just a few, for Beccy and Georgia’s 21st we went to Revolution in Sheffield for a cocktail masterclass and a 2 course meal! Obviously, we then went on a night out (as always). Similarly, Cheska celebrated her 21st last weekend, and we saw such an amazing and funny night in Pop world! The day after this I headed home to celebrate my nephews 3rd birthday with cupcakes and Cars 3 toys. I also celebrated Georges birthday in Manchester, which was great as I got to see some people I hadn’t for such a long time! So the past few months has been filled with birthdays and nights out (many of which I have not mentioned, but i’m sure you can imagine).

Night out to say bye to Meg

A couple of weeks ago me and Billy decided to go to Neighbourhood weekender festival in Warrington, and had the absolute best time!!! The festival in its self was amazing, with plenty of places to grab a drink and food, a pub, gin and rum bar, hair salon… everything you could think of. We saw our favourite band, the Courteeners, Jake Bug, Reverend and the Makers, plus many more. Despite having an amazing weekend however, the train strikes really messed up with our getting home plans. We had bought tickets for replacement bus service to Manchester, as there was no trains,  but they did not account for the 200 people waiting for this bus, and sent only ONE that fit FORTY people only!! many of us were left stranded at the station. Luckily, only living 30mins away meant my mum was able to pick us up. It honestly was the best weekend though, and I would highly recommend going next year.

Neighbourhood weekender

I have also began packing up my house ready for my move at the end of this month into the city centre with my friends Cheska and Heather. I am so excited to live with them and know we are going to have the best time!

House mates Heather and Cheska @katies wedding

So whats next?

Well as I mentioned I am moving into the city centre, but I plan on getting a real full time job, which I am currently applying for. As for this summer, I am heading to Finsbury Park in a few weeks to see Liam Gallagher, and also have a 3 week holiday to America all planned with Billy and our families. Were going to Las Vegas for 4 nights (which both our families are coming too), then me and Billy are heading off to Florida. We luckily have everything booked, so all we need now is our spending money!

Sorry for the rather long post, I tried to keep it as brief as possible!

Let me know if you have any tips for Florida or anything, or what you’re plans are for the summer.

Sam x

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