Summer Vacation – Part 1: Las Vegas

This past month has been an absolute whirl wind! As some of you may know, I headed off to America with some of my family and since, I haven’t had two minutes to my self! I’m going to have to do this is 2 parts as I went away for almost 3 weeks, and I just have so much to say. P.S sorry if this is rather brief.

Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

I jetted off to Las Vegas just over a month ago now, with my mum, Billy, Amanda, Billys parents, his sister and sisters boyfriend (a lot of people I know). The flight was great, although I’m no stranger to long haul flights it was so relaxing and comfortable with a wide range of films and tv programmes to pick from. Since we flew with Virgin we also had all our meals and drinks included on the flight.

Las Vegas is nothing like I’ve ever seen before! It’s amazing and there is so much to do from exploring to shopping, gun shooting and the night life!

We stayed at the Exclabibur, which is at one end of the strip, next to New York New York. The hotel was fab! It had a big casino of its own, with loads of restaurants and fast food places, plus a couple of bars. The pool was amazing too, it was huge! I’ve added a link to the hotel website as it’s much easier to see it all that way.

Excalibur Hotel

The favourite hotels that I visited has to be between the Bellagio, due to the sheer fact it’s beautiful, the Flamingo as I loved the 80’s vibe and the pool as well as the fact they have real flamingos, and also the Venetian as the shops were amazing. Despite how close it all may look,  everything is so HUGE!!!

Bellagio Hotel
Paris Hotel

The “need to know”

  • Drink prices: Beer $4-8 a pint, water $1-3 per bottle
  • Food prices: average meal and drink around $20-$30
  • Budget: around $100 per day, but you can do it a lot cheaper
  • Best way to travel: on foot generally, but further out such as Fremont street is worth getting a taxi at around $20
  • You can book hotels super cheap on secret prices, our hotel was showing at $21 per night when we were there!

Top things to do/see:

  • The Bellagio fountains – just stunning to see.
  • Fremont street – semi inside street filled with on street bars, entertainment, and unlike anything I have ever seen before.
  • The wheel – my absolute favourite thing to go on in the casino. You place bets on what number on the wheel will come up next. Different numbers have different odds dependent on how many of that number are on the wheel. I just wish they had one in England.
  • Just seeing all the hotels in general (takes a lot of walking however).
  • Shopping – from the Mile (literally a mile long of shops under the Hollywood planet hotel), to the designer shops in the Caesars palace and the Venetian.
  • Chilling by the pool – even though we only got to do this briefly it was great as Vegas is so hot!! Nearly all the hotels have elaborate pools with bars, the perfect way to chill out.

Sorry if this was a little brief but it’s so difficult to talk about Las Vegas as it’s nothing like anything you can imagine and we just did so much!

I had the best time, and will definitely be heading back in the future however.

Sam x

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