Lush halloween event

On Sunday night I was invited along to the halloween launch event at Lush along with some other local bloggers. I was able to see and try some of their halloween products. I will give a little overview of the event and a review of some of the products tested!

When I arrived we were all greeted with some lovely drinks and snacks, before being introduced to each other via the dreaded ‘ice-breaker’ routine. It was actually a lot of fun as we each had to give our selves a bath bomb name. In a stressed panic I chose to be called the very basic ‘glitter bomb’, on the basis I love glitter and I like to sparkle.

After the introductions we begin to test the bath bombs and bubble bars. I will give brief description and opinion below for each. A link to each product is also available via the product title.

Monsters’ Ball £4.95

I absolutely love this bath bomb! It smells sweet and citrusy, thanks to the lime oil. The Himalayan rock salt also leaves your skin super soft. Being only £4.95 each I will definitely be purchasing a few of these.


Eyeball £4.95

My opinion on this one is a little varied. I haven’t tried the product in the bath yet, just in the store. Whilst I love the orangey scent, the rose absolute and lavender are a little too much for me as they make it more of a floral smell. However, it does look amazing in the water, and my opinion may change once I have used it.

Ectoplasm (Jelly Bomb) £5.25

If you have never used a bath jelly before I 100% recommend. It may seem a little strange at first, as you are literally sitting in water topped with jelly, but it leaves your skin extra soft and smells great with grapefruit and tangerine oils.

Ectoplasm (Shower Scream/Naked) £5.50 – £8.95

My new favourite shower gel! It smells delicious and exactly like tangerines. Whilst the colour may put you off (illuminous yellow), the smell is so inviting. It spreads really well across your skin. The shower cream is a lot thicker on application, and in my opinion better due to the lather, but the naked is also great if you want a little less.

Both bottled (left) and naked (right) Ectoplasm shower scream

Lord of Misrule £4.25

Another of my seasonal favourites! The mix of patchouli oil and black pepper gives a spicy herbal scent, with a hint of sweet from the vanilla. Once placed in the bath the green foam floats to the top and with red slowly seeping out leaving the water a rich wine colour underneath. Also, be prepared for the popping candy centre, which is amazing once you realise your bath isn’t in fact cracking!

Sparkly Pumpkin (Bubble Bar) £4.75

This bubble bar is great! Its citrusy and sparkly (what more could you ask for). Being a bubble bar you can use it multiple times. Just break up a little bit and run it under hot water to create a super bubbly bath. The smell of grapefruit and lime oil is evident and leaves your feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Bewitched (Bubble Bar) £4.95

Again, being a bubble bar, the this great bar can be used multiple times! making a return once again, its easy to see why its so popular. Definitely one of the most halloween themed  items, leaving your bath bubbly and black, but with flecks of glitter. It has a woody/sweet scent, and would completely get you in the mood for a night out or night in watching horrors!

whilst all the products were seemingly different, they were all amazing and I highly recommend a trip to your nearest Lush to try some of these limited edition items!

After the product testing, we each received a short massage, and my god was it good! I also found out about Lush Spas, of which I will be visiting in the future if I’m lucky enough.


Hope this helped to shed some light on the new halloween products. I would also like to thank the lovely team at Lush, and the friendly fellow bloggers who I hope to see soon!

Sam x


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