Welcome to my blog! I’m Sam, a 20-year-old History student at Sheffield Hallam, with a love for anything beauty, fashion, travel or home related! I am very much your average 20-something student, so expect your basic array of blog posts with a few personal twists (just to spice things up a little).

I live in Sheffield for the time being, whilst I complete my final year at uni (how scary), but I am originally from Stockport/Manchester.


Why am I starting a blog you may be wondering? I actually began this blog about 2 years ago, but I was always to scared of being judged to ever post (please be kind to me). But here we go anyway, I finally got the motivation to do it for real. As you may therefore gather, I am new to blogging, unless the ones we had to do in college count? I didn’t think so.

I hope you enjoy anyway, and that I don’t bore you with my ramblings on. Please comment and let me know anything that works well/doesn’t, as it would be very much appreciated!

Sam x