Christmas Haul 

I know some of you will be cursing the word, but Christmas is well on its way. I’ve already nearly finished Christmas shopping! This means that I’ve had plenty of time to buy my own Christmas themed things. Reindeer Garland I bought this from Wentworth Garden centre a few weeks ago when I went with… Continue reading Christmas Haul 

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4 Simple Steps to My Night Time Skin Routine

I’ve had a few people ask me what I use on my skin, and so I thought what better than to write a post about it. A night time routine is really important when maintaining good skin, as you should never sleep with makeup or dirty skin, and make up wipes just don’t always suffice.… Continue reading 4 Simple Steps to My Night Time Skin Routine

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Retail Awards 

This week I was lucky enough to be invited to the Meadowhall retail awards along with a few others from TGI Friday’s (where I work), on Sunday 15th October. It was such a good night, and possibly one of the poshest nights, bar weddings, I've been too. This is the sole reason for the late… Continue reading Retail Awards